Lyudmila Viktorovna Dobysheva
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Добышева Людмила Викторовна Laboratory of physics of non-equilibrium metallic systems: Senior Researcher, PhD
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Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Lyudmila Dobysheva

Date of Birth: 05.01.1961.
1984 - graduated from the Moscow State University, Physics department (elementary particle faculty, experimental nuclear physics)
1984 - up to now - working in the Physico-Technical Institute UrBr RAS
1984 - 1990 - X-ray electron spectroscopy
1990 - 1996 - theoretical investigations of the effect of disorder on the electron and magnetic properties of solids.
1993 - theses "The effect of scattering of quasiparticles by clusters in disordered systems on the formation of the energy spectrum and physical properties"
1997 - up to now - first-principles calculations of the electron structure of metals. Knowledge of English language.
Hobby - home, dogs, plants, travels.