Laboratory of phase transformations
Laboratory of phase transformations

The laboratory was created at 1983. 8 persons are working in the laboratory at the present time including one Professor, Three Doctors.

Head of the laboratory - G.A.Dorofeev, PhD

Leading researchers:
Yuri Ustinovshikov , Dr.
Roza Nikonova , Dr.
Bajen Pushkarev, Dr.

Main directions of studies are in the laboratory:

  • Nucleation of new phases at aging of solid solutions
  • Creation of a new class of austenite stainless steels (without Mn, Ni and C) in which the nitrogen is austenite- and strength-forming element simultaneously.

Address: 132 Kirov Str., 426000 Izhevsk, Russia.
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Telephone: +7 (3412) 216633, 216955, 216633