Laboratory of Atomic Structure and Surface Analys
Laboratory of Atomic Structure and Surface Analysis

Head of the laboratory - Faat Zalalutdinovich Gil’mutdinov, PhD

The main tasks of the ASAS laboratory for the nearest future are the following:

  • carrying out research of the local atomic structure of surface, near-surface layers and bulk of solids by the methods of EELFS and EXAFS (the objects of studying are: Si, Ge, Ge-Si, GaAs, ZnSe, Fe-C, Co-C, transition metal oxides and other);
  • developing and creating automatized control comlexes, storing and processing the data for electron and X-ray spectrometers as well as for electron microscopes.
Laboratory of X-ray electron spectroscopy

Head of the Lab. X-ray E S - Alexandr Vladimirovch Kholzakov, PhD.

The laboratory of X-ray electron spectroscopy (XES Phys.-Tech. Ins., Ur B, RAS) was Founded in 1983on the basis of the Laboratory of surface of Izhevsk Departament of the Institute of Metal Physics Ur B, USSR AS.


Spectrometers are intended for:

  1. element analysis of hyperfine surface lauers (10-20A) and concentration by the depth of solid and liquid materials, interface boundaries coating-substrate, grain boundaries of ombrittled materials;
  2. work with attachments for spraying, layer taking off from 10A to a few mkm, melting cooling down to the temperature of liquid nitrogen, fracture in vacuum to study grain boundaries, effects: mechanical, laser, by an ion beam, etc.;
  3. scientific purpose in cluding studying chemical bonds, electron structure and nearest atomic environment in solids.

Magnetic electron spectrometers due to constructive separation of the vacuum chamber and energy analyser is profitably different from serials electrostatic spectrometers by the possibility of different effects (thermal and others) during the time of obtaining spectra which allows to use the for perfecting technologies.